Trailer for Diffability Hollywood

Diffability Hollywood is the newest film from Espocinema currently in post production. The film is about the history of people with disabilities in Hollywood films and TV–how things have changed and still can improve.

Featuring Interviews with

  • Johnny Knoxville (The Ringer, Jackass)
  • Robert David Hall (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)
  • Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld)
  • Chris Burke (Life Goes On)
  • Edward Barbanell (The Ringer)
  • Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story)
  • Lauren Potter ( Glee)
  • and many more

The documentary will be submitted to film festivals soon.

Currently in production: Diffability Hollywood

Adrian with Lawrence Carter-Long
Adrian with Lawrence Carter-Long

Diffability Hollywood is new film currently in production. It is about the history of people with disabilities in films and TV, how things have changed, and how they can be improved. One of the main goals for this film is to help pave the way for people with disabilities to be portrayed in a less stereotypical way in films and TV.

Already interviewed:

  • Edward Barbanell (The Ringer)
  • Chris Burke (Life Goes On)
  • Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story)
  • Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld)
  • Emily Kingsley (writer for Sesame Street)
  • Rachel Simon (Riding the Bus with My Sister)
  • Lawrence Carter-Long from the National Council on Disability, Washington DC

Public Speaking Engagements

Adrian Esposito & Barbara J. Velazquez, Coordinator of International Intercultural Education at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha Nebraska 11-2015

Espocinema filmmaker, Adrian Esposito, recently gave two talks at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. His talk was based on his film, Inner Healing: Journey with Native Trees of Knowledge, which is about his own search for understanding, healing and acceptance of his autism through Native American spirituality. He was warmly received and is ready and available for future talks.

speaking engagement

Filmmaker Adrian Esposito is available for public speaking engagements.  His presentation focuses on how his passion for films and filmmaking helps him with his own struggles with autism.  His presentation includes clips from his films as well as a question and answer segment from the audience.  It would be of interest to a wide audience including parents of autistic and developmentally disabled children, agencies and groups serving the developmentally disabled and college programs that focus on special education.

Please call to arrange for an honorarium that would work for you and Adrian. (If out of our geographic area, accommodations and travel would have to be covered.)


  • ARC (NCE) Conference Award Ceremony-Lifetime Achievement Award-Orlando Fl- 10/16
  • SANYS New York State Conference -9/16
  • SANYS Western NY Region- 6/16
  • Developmental Disabilities Conference–Niagara Falls NY -5/16
  • Nazareth College- York Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute-Rochester NY-5/16
  • Metropolitan Community College-Omaha Nebraska-11/2015
  • SANYS  New York State Conference-Albany NY 2015
  • SANYS ( Self Advocacy NY) Western Regional Conference-Niagara Falls NY-6/2015
  • Developmental Disability Day Conference-Niagara Falls NY-5/2015
  • Nazareth College-Rochester NY- 4/2015
  • Monroe Community College-Rochester NY-3/2015
  • SANYS Western Regional Conference-Batavia NY-6/2014 (keynote speaker)
  • Developmental Disability Day Conference-Niagara Falls NY-5/2014
  • Southwest Conference on Disability-Albuquerque NM-10/14
  • SANYS New York State Conference-Albany NY-10/2014 (keynote speaker)
  • Nazareth College-ARC Program-Rochester NY 2/2014
  • Genesee Community College-Batavia NY-4/14

Adrian Esposito awarded tribute as Self Advocate of the Year


Filmmaker Adrian Esposito received the “Self Advocate of the Year” award from the Western New York Region SANYS (Self Advocacy Association of New York State) at their annual Self Advocacy Conference in Niagara Falls NY on June 2015.  This is the third time he has received a “Self Advocate of the Year Award.” The SANYS Self Advocates chose him for the award in 2013 and in 2010 he was chosen as leading Self Advocate of his graduating school class.

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Dove review of Bury My Heart With Tonawanda

Dove logo family-approved-seal

We are happy to announce that the Dove Foundation has praised our film and posted a review on their website.

Here is an excerpt:

“A story of forgiveness, love and being accepted no matter who you are or how you look. “Bury My Heart with Tonawanda” also shows the culture and true caring nature of the Native Americans that is sometimes forgotten or misunderstood. We are proud to award this film with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12+.”

See the full review at