Documentary on Disability now available for Educational Use


We are excited to announce that Diffability Hollywood, a documentary about the inclusion of people with disabilities in film and TV, is now available for educational use.

Diffability Hollywood is an exceptional teaching aid, presenting the history of characters with disability and those who portray them in entertainment, as well as how filmmakers with disabilities are changing media for the future.


For a limited time, we are reducing our public performance rights fee, normally $250. Contact us at before September 1, 2017 and receive a 20% discount, for a price of $200. Visit for further information.

Help your students gain a new perspective on how the film industry influences how we view those with disabilities and what we can do to change it!

See the trailer here:


Individuals with disabilities make up 20% of the population but their representation on TV and in movies is less that 1%. Filmmaker Adrian Esposito (winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Conference of Executives of the ARC) has autism and advocates for more inclusion of writers, directors and actors with DiFFabilities (different abilities) into the movie industry.

The film features interviews with some well known actors who share his vision: Johnny Knoxville, Edward Barbanell (The Ringer), Robert David Hall (CSI), Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld), Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story), Lauren Potter (Glee), Chris Burke (Life Goes On), Katherine Crawford (Graceland), and Joey Travolta.



Diffability Hollywood is filmmaker Adrian Esposito’s 7th film. All of his works have focused on social and/or disability issues. Adrian is available for speaking engagements and presentations.

For more information, please refer to his website: . Contact us at

All films from Espocinema are available for educational licensing. For purchase options please refer to:

At this time, Diffability Hollywood is only available for educational use. It is not being sold to the general public.

Be sure to mention the 20% promo when purchasing. This will be available for a limited time only.


Diffability Hollywood screening in Rochester, NY!


We are excited to have the Rochester, NY premiere of Espocinema’s new documentary DIffability Hollywood as part of WXXI’s Move to Include! MOVE TO INCLUDE is a partnership between WXXI and the Golisano Foundation designed to
promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. This is a good match considering the subject of Diffability Hollywood.

Diffability Hollywood is a documentary about Hollywood’s portrayal of people with disabilities in films throughout history.

Diffability Hollywood will be screened at 6pm March 2nd at the Little Theater, 240 East Ave.

Attendance is free!

In connection with the screening look for filmmaker Adrian Esposito to be Interviewed on WXXI’s Arts in Focus airing Feb 24th and 25th.

Aging Trees of Knowledge now available on Amazon streaming

ATOK amazon keyart 340.jpg

Aging Trees of Knowledge was my first feature documentary. The film is about my grandmother and other survivors of World War II. They tell their memories of where  they were (Lithuania, China, Austria, Germany) and how the War effected their lives.

For this new edition I have made some tighter edits and have modified the film. Subtitles are available for the entire feature. I am pleased that Aging Trees of Knowledge is now available to the public for streaming.

Click here to rent or buy on Amazon

New documentary on Troma and Lloyd Kaufman in production!

Filmmaker Adrian Esposito is currently working on a new documentary film, Greetings From Tromaville, about the life and work of independent film champion, Lloyd Kaufman.

Lloyd and Michael Herz founded Troma Entertainment, a film company that produces edgy, bold, humorous and sometimes “over the top” films. Their films make a strong statement about visual art and its psychological effect on viewers. Troma films now have a world wide fan base and cult following. In fact, upon the announcement of the production of a Troma film, fans travel from all over the world just for the experience of being in a Troma production. Many come at their own cost and work in challenging circumstances.

Independent films like Troma’s, with innovative and shocking content, ultimately contributed to a change in Hollywood films, which followed Troma’s lead in presenting more graphic visuals. But behind their facade of sex and violence are often topical or political themes that even today Hollywood films won’t touch..

This film is a break from Espocinema’s usual presentations. Adrian Esposito is a Troma fan and intends to honor Lloyd Kaufman and his contribution to the art of filmmaking and independent films (and filmmakers).

Hold on to your seats — this will be a shocker!


Filmmaker Adrian Esposito with Lloyd Kaufman at Troma Entertainment in NYC


Filmmaker Adrian Esposito with Pat Kaufman (former NYS Film Commissioner and wife of Lloyd) and Lloyd Kaufman at the Buffalo Dreams Film Festival.

Filmmaker Adrian Esposito Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for filmmaking


On October 27, 2016 , Adrian Esposito received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his film making from the National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE) in in Orlando, Florida.

The Arc is an international organization that offers support and professional development for individuals, families and professionals working for people with intellectual disabilities.

In choosing Adrian they wrote  “we recognize your ( Adrian’s) accomplishments and honor your work on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.  Your continued reflection of the Arc’s core values is a shining example of what a leader can and should be.”